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Walk To Emmaus Online Applications

PAWTE has moved to online applications to help speed up the process. There is still a three-step form just like the paper form: pilgrim, sponsor, and clergy. EACH STEP MUST BE COMPLETED

Step 1: Fill and submit the pilgrim application

Step 2: Fill and submit out the sponsor form

Step 3: Forward this link to the pilgrim's clergy to fill out:  Fill out and submit the clergy endorsement form

Use these forms to sponsor a pilgrim for an Emmaus Walk. ALL SECTIONS of the application must be completed and submitted to the Emmaus Registrar with the $25 fee no later than 14 days before the Walk.  You may contact Teresa Cherry, PAWTE registrar for any 

How to pay the deposit or the walk fee:

Mail checks to:

PAWTE Registrar

750 McDay Lane

Dexter, KY 42036

If sending in a check, please email the registrar to let Teresa know.

The application deadline is still 14 days prior to the walk but if there are not 15 men/women confirmed 2 WEEKS before the walk, the walk will not be held. When you pay by Tithely, change the block from Walk to Emmaus - Team Fees to Walk to Emmaus - Pilgrim Fees

Use this application if you want to sponsor someone on a Face-to-Face Encounter. Please mail applications to:

Sadie Humphreys

778 Humphreys Road

Wingo, KY 42088

The application Deadline is May 20, 2023

The encounter fee is $35. Please make checks payable to Purchase Area Face to Face.

CLICK HERE for Chrysalis Application

Use this application if you want to sponsor a caterpillar for a Chrysalis Flight. Please note the application must be accompanied by a $25 fee. Total cost of weekend is $100.

***********Purchase Area Chrysalis Flight Information **********

The deadline for applications for Chrysalis flights has changed. There must be 10 boys and 10 girls signed up for the flight before the team meetings begin.

If there are not 10 boys and 10 girls each by that deadline, the flight will have to be canceled. But once that deadline is met with 10 each, we will continue to take applications until the Monday of the week of the flight. After that, no applications will be accepted. Thank you from the board for being God's hands and feet by sponsoring early. Fly with Christ!!

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