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Click Here for Face to Face Pilgrim Application

 Use this application if you want to sponsor someone on a Face-to-Face Encounter.  


Please mail applications to:

Sadie Humphreys

778 Humphreys Road

Wingo, KY 42088  


The application Deadline is May 26, 2024 

The encounter fee is $50. Please make checks payable to Purchase Area Face to Face.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Cherry Pyron, Face to Face Community Lay Director at

Walk to Emmaus Pilgrim Applications

The Walk to Emmaus application is a three-part online application. One each for the Pilgrim, one for the sponsor, and one for the Pilgrim's Pastor

Step 1: Send a link for Pilgrim to fill out. Click to Open Pilgrim Application

Step 2: Sponsors fill out the form from this link. Click to Open Sponsor Form

Step 3: Send this link to the Pilgrim's Pastor or Clergy to fill out. Click to Open Pastor/Clergy Form

Step4: Pay a minimum $25 deposit

​Emmaus Registrar

750 McDay Lane

Dexter KY 42036

Applications & deposit must be submitted to the Registrar seven (7) days prior to the Send-off of the Walk the Pilgrim is to attend. The remainder of the payment can be paid via Tithely or with the Regitrar at Send-off

In the event the online form cannot be filled out, select the link for a downloadable paper copy. 


Chrysalis participant application will be added in this section soon. Check back at a later time 

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