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Purchase Area 4th Day Community

Calendar of Events

Men's Walk# 145 September 14-17, 2023

Lay Director: Tom Blankenship


Women's Walk# 146 September 21-24, 2023

Lay Director: Jenny Waters


Christmas Gathering  December 2023

Will be posted on the website and through the PAWTE Facebook page once scheduled


Chrysalis Flight #49 January 14-16, 2024

Broadway UMC, Paducah

Boy's Leader: Chris Alexander / Girl's Leader: Kathy Farley

Saturday, January 14 @8 am Sendoff

Sunday, January 15 @ 8:30pm  Candlelight

Monday, January 16 @ 4:45pm  Closing

Men's Walk# 147 April 2024

Lay Director : David Barnett

Women's Walk# 148 April 2024

Lay Director : Carrie Cathey

Face to Face Encounter #6 June 2024

The Face to Face Coach will be announced at a later date


Applications for Event Above

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