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Schedule Times During the Walks 146



Breakfast 8:00  (arrive at 7:30)
Lunch 12:30  (arrive at 12:00)
Dinner 5:30    (arrive at 5:00)


Breakfast  7:30   (arrive at 7:00)
Lunch       12:30  (arrive at 12:00)
Dinner       5:45    (arrive at 5:15)


Breakfast 7:25  (arrive at 7:00)
Lunch      12:00  (arrive at 11:30)

Events for the community to come support the Pilgrims and Team

Candlelight Saturday 8:30 Three Crosses Church
Closing  Sunday 4:35 Three Crosses Church

Purchase Area 4th Day Community

Calendar of Events


Women's Walk# 146 September 21-24, 2023

Lay Director : Jenny Waters


Fall Gathering and Training Workshop September 30, 2023 @ Three Crosses Church

Training workshop: 5pm

Potluck dinner : 6 pm

Worship, 4the Day talk, devo, & communion: 7pm

Christmas Gathering December 2023


Will be posted on the website and through the PAWTE Facebook page once scheduled


Chrysalis Flight #48 January 14-16, 2024

Broadway UMC, Paducah

Boy's Leader: Chris Alexander / Girl's Leader: Kathy Farley

Saturday, January 14 8 am Sendoff

Sunday, January 15 @ 8:30 Candlelight

Monday, January 16 @ 4:45 Closing

Men's Walk# 147 April 2024

Lay Director : Will be announced September 17 at Walk #145 Closing

Women's Walk# 148 April 2024

Lay Director : Will be announced September 24 at Walk #146 Closing

Face to Face Encounter #6 June, 2024

The Face to Face Coach will be announced at a later date

GIVI​NG / Offering

The Purchase Area 4th Day has implemented online giving. is an online giving platform that thousands of churches around the United States use. Your church may also be using it. One can make a one-time donation if your heart leads to donate. Any donations will help cover any ongoing expenses that the community incurs throughout the year as well as provide scholarships for Encounters, 

Flights, and Walks.

Giving can be done via debit card and/or using an account and routing numbers. If you do give, thank you.  

Here is a quick video that will give you an overview and how to pay using

If you have additional questions or want to know how to use it, 

please contact Ryan Hughes

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