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Purchase Area 4th Day Community

Cancelation of Fall Walks

This week, the Purchase Area Walk to Emmaus committee had a hard decision to make on whether to move forward with Walk 141 and 142 this fall. We explored several options what a Walk would look like with current restrictions and safety protocols along with deeper discussions with healthcare professionals in the Emmaus community. We have been in prayer about this for weeks now and let God help guide us. The entire committee voiced their thoughts, opinions, and concerns and walked away with the decision if we can’t provide the pilgrim an Emmaus experience, now is not the time. That experience is for the pilgrim to grow closer to God, have a deeper Christian walk, and go back to their home church to serve all fired up. If the experience over 72 hours could not be met safely then it should wait.

Team 141 and 142 will stay intact with Allen and Lesli at the helm as they continue their journey in guiding the team in the Spring.

We will be working on some backend details in contacting pilgrims and sponsors.  

Upcoming Walks

WalK#141 March 24-27, 2022

Lay Director: Allen Aycock

Walk#142 March 31 - April 3, 2022

Lay Director, Lesli Hughes

GIVI​NG / Offering

The Purchase Area 4th Day has implemented online giving. is an online giving platform that thousands of churches around the United States use. Your church may also be using it. One can make a one-time donation if your heart leads to donate. Any donations will help cover any ongoing expenses that the community incurs throughout the year as well as provide scholarships for Encounters, 

Flights, and Walks.

Giving can be done via debit card and/or using an account and routing numbers. If you do give, thank you.  

Here is a quick video that will give you an overview and how to pay using

If you have additional questions or want to know how to use it, 

please contact Ryan Hughes at [email protected]