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Welcome to the Purchase Area Fourth Day Page. Our community is made up of the Walk to Emmaus, Chrysalis, and Face-to-Face Communities.

We are located in Western Kentucky.

2024 Calendar of Events


Face to Face Encounter #5                     June 4, 6, 11 & 13, 2024

Reidland Church

5500 Kentucky Dam Rd, Paducah

Face-to-Face Coach:  Marilyn Waldon

Men's Walk #149                                     September 12-15, 2024

The Hill

Lay Director: Shaun Rathgeber


Women's Walk#150                                  September 19-22, 2024

The Hill

Lay Director: Lori Scott

Kairos Outside #10                                    November 1-3, 2024

The Hill

Chrysalis Flight #50                                   January 14-16, 2025

Broadway UMC, Paducah

Boy's Lay Leader: Ryan Hughes

Girl's Lay Leader: Katelyn Rice

Concrete Wall

Would you like to volunteer to be on a team?

Without volunteers, there cannot be a team nor a Flight. Filling out the following questions in the form allows you to be prayerfully considered to be on the Flight as a team member.

We ask that if you are willing to be part of a team and asked to serve, you acknowledge your commitment to participation in all team meetings and are available for the designated time of the Flight.

Your answers help the Team Formation Committee and Lay Leaders identify individuals that may wish to serve in various roles in the Community as well as Flights.

Your submission is kept on file for one year.


This form only identifies you as a servant willing to serve to the Team Selection Committee. This does not guarantee a spot on the team.

Click to volunteer for Chrysalis

Click to volunteer for Walk to Emmaus

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Keep in Contact
We have an email notification system that sends out reminders and schedules of upcoming events. If you are not signed up, select this link and fill out the form to be added to the list.

You can also join PAWTE's Facebook page.

GIVI​NG / Offering

The Purchase Area 4th Day has implemented online giving. is an online giving platform that thousands of churches around the United States use. Your church may also be using it. One can make a one-time donation if your heart leads to donate. Any donations will help cover any ongoing expenses that the community incurs throughout the year as well as provide scholarships for Encounters, 

Flights, and Walks.


Giving can be done via debit card and/or using an account and routing numbers. If you do give, thank you. You're gift be used to bless someone.

Here is a quick video that will give you an overview and how to pay using

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