Purchase Area Walk To Emmaus -

Women's Walk 134
April 19-22

Thursday Send off - 7pm
Friday Breakfast - 8am
Friday Lunch - 12:30pm
Friday Dinner - 5:30pm
Saturday Breakfast - 7:30am
Saturday Lunch - 12:30pm
Saturday Dinner  5:45pm
Saturday Candlelight - 8:30pm
Sunday Breakfast - 7:30am
Sunday Lunch - Noon
Closing- - 4:30

Please arrive on "The Hill" 30 minutes prior to lunch times to help set up if you are planning to come serve. Also, it is a great help to the kitchen and agape teams if you can stay and help clean up as well. 

Candlelight and Closing will be held at Benton First United Methodist Church.

Face to Face #2

May, 1,3,8 &10

First Christian Church in Benton, KY

For those available to serve lunch for Face to Face, please arrive 30 minutes early and help to clean up as well. 

May 1-Noon
May 3-Noon
May 8-11:30
May 10-Noon

Candlelight will be at 1:30pm on May 8th.

Closing will be 1pm on May 10th.
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